The focus of this program is to establish a baseline for your current leadership passion and continue to become aware of your blind spots and opportunities. Participants will explore their own leadership and behavioral strengths, leadership competency model, will build a personal mission statement, go through workplace motivator assessment which will help to define how they prioritize their attention and energy. Participants will assess their own emotional quotient to identify a baseline and tips for growing emotional awareness.

By the end of this program you  will be able to inspire and lead staff by demonstrating essential leadership skills, reinforce communication required to maintain trust and awareness. You will model personal awareness, regulation, and development and learn to respond to others’ needs collaboratively.

You will master how to use feedback to refine own leadership and lead through change and uncertainty. You will apply leadership skills to everyday decisions, not just big, emotionally charged events, combine specific strategies with big-picture thinking to help your  team reach larger goals.


The role of a leader has more and more shifted during the last years to be the leader for the team, a person who is empathetic and has a good understanding of his own blind spots and strengths, can recognize the differences of team members, can inspire people and be a resonant leader, rather than someone who is giving a command and standing alone somewhere on the top.

Executive coaching is an integral part of EVINAUX  leadership program. By the end of the program you,  as a leader,  will have a full understanding of the science of leadership and how a human functions. With each coaching session you raise self-awareness and have a 360-degree understanding of yourself, your blind spots and how others see and perceive you. You will take actions on daily basis towards becoming the best leader for the team, build a long-term vision and act accordingly. You will build on your  leadership competencies, raise social awareness and become better at self-management.